My name is Kyle. I like to make music. I like to make videos. I like to design graphics. I do these things, and this website is a result.

I'm from Ohio, but I'm testing the waters in L.A. for a second time. Only this time around, I have the support and company of my amazing wife, Kelly. As we make the transition, I will be documenting the journey, hoping to capture a time that I'm sure we will one day look back on as a blur.

One way to follow along is by reading my written blog, which I update semi-regularly, but make no promises about times or dates posts will happen. Just subscribe, and then you'll be notified when a post is made. 8)

The second way to join me on the journey is through my video blog, or vlog. I post videos pretty regularly showing clips of shows, the making of songs, and a glimpse into the side of me that can't be seen on stage.

I have music of all genres in a lot of places, so be sure to check out my music page, my soundcloud page, and my youtube page. I play a lot of shows, too, so check out my news page and follow me on twitter and facebook to get updates on shows and releases happening on the reg. Thanks for visiting my site, and thanks for listening!